HM Carr
"Albert, Your work has always been excellent and professional, coupled with the fact that your services are the best as fair and appropriately priced for small to large business with amazing turnaround time. Your sense of urgency, response and client services are superb and would highly recommend your products and services."
"Albert put together a wonderful anniversary video for my parents incorporating many still shots and live video interviews with friends. His attention to detail was excellent and overall command of video editing excellent. I highly recommend his services."
Scott Achelis
"Hi Albert, Thanks for checking in with me! The video's been a great help, I'm fully satisfied, and I would be happy to provide a testimonial expressing my gratitude. I've viewed the video from time to time just to revisit it with fresh eyes, and I honestly don't think that anything could be done any better."
Susan Hanshaw
Managing Director, Inner Architect
"I have worked with Albert Shroyer on a number of occasions to produce videos for my clients and have always been very pleased with the results. He's turned poor quality raw footage into usable video and he finds creative ways to truly leverage the assets I provide him. Albert is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services."
Steven Shore
"...you did a great job on the video and you were great to work with."
"Albert Shroyer is an excellent, friendly teacher of the Art of Videography. Like most folks, I am both a slow and fast learner - depending on what I easily grasped and what stumped me. Albert is there for both kinds of students with a great deal of patience and expertise. If you're starting from scratch a "power user," or just scratching your head wondering why your videos aren't they way you want them, Albert Shroyer is highly recommended."
Billy Volkmann
Producer, Sports Safaris on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Starz Digital Adventure Safari
"... I very much like your voice as a narrator. The quality of your voice is both professional and friendly/accessible. Your voice just sounds good. It's hard to put in words. Either you like a narrator or you don't. I auditioned several people and you had the clearest voice with the best tone and right amount of emphasis where needed."